A taste of the islands! Lomi-Lomi Salmon is a Hawaiian favorite! Comprised of fresh tomatoes and salmon, this side dish finds its way to many tables across the islands...(read more) 


The Kona Historical Society hosts several hands-on events at the Kona Living Coffee Farm where you can take a step back in time and experience how the coffee farm was run years ago...(read more) 


maui postcard

Trip Advisor recently voted Maui 2016's #1 island to visit in the world! Black sand beaches and bamboo forests, Maui is a must see...(read more)


 Diamond Head


Diamond Head Trail is a great hike for those who like a challenge. While only .8 miles long, the trail is steep and includes many steep stairways. Reaching the peak however, is worth every step!...(read more)


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Hula is used to tell a story through dance. Men, women, and children take pride in mastering the traditional and modern forms of Hula.

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