A Taste of the Islands:


Chicken Katsu - one of many Hawaiian dishes influenced by Japanese culture. A tasty chicken dish, often served with rice, has been a popular favorite in Hawaii for many generations...(read more)



A grand celebration takes place every year on June 11th in honor of King Kamehameha. This traditional festival includes parades and lei draping ceremonies. Celebrated across the islands, this day is particularly special in North Kahala; the small town where Kamehameha was born...(read more)


 Lanikai Beach

Lanikai layout pic

This Beach may truly be heaven on earth. A frequent location for photoshoots, this 1/2 mile long beach is ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. Lanikai Beach is a great spot to watch the sun rise or set between the Mokulua islands...(read more)

 History of the Loco Moco

Loco Moco Layout Pic

Loco Moco is a staple dish in Hawaiian restaurants. Did you know one of it's key ingredients wasn't part of the first Loco Moco served, but actually added later? Find out how the Loco Moco came to be...(read more)




Leis can be made from many different varieties of flowers. Vine style leis have a historical sacred use whereas flower leis are more common and a wonderful way to welcome visitors...(read more)