New and innovative products are regularly introduced into the market. Staying informed of these offerings allows you to be prepared for new projects and to improve current processes.

Inflatable Chambers


ChamberPak: Alternative to Foam

ChamberPak is an alternative to foam cushioning. Individual inflatable chambers will protect your product from shock and vibrations during shipping...(read more)



Converting Micron to Gauge

The conversion formula for micron to gauge is rather complicated. Stretch film manufacturers continue to migrate toward using microns instead of gauge in their descriptions. Here is a quick and easy to follow guide for converting micron to gauge...(read more)

The beginning of the year is a great time to evaluate your current solutions and to see if your organization is employing best practices. As you prepare for growth in the coming year, Kalani Packaging is here to help!

DT vs. TT Labels

DT vs TT

Are you using the best label for your needs?

When deciding between Direct Thermal (DT) or Thermal Transfer (TT) labels, confirm the purpose each one serves. Your specific application will dictate which label is correct for you.


How To Measure Bags & Labels


Identify specs for bags & labels

Accurate specs of bags and labels are part of the criteria needed to ensure the correct product is being used for your application. Call out your bag and label specs correctly with our simple tools.


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The Color Shift

Espon Printer

Epson Inkjet Color Label Printers 

You now have the ability to print color labels on demand. With Epsons Inkjet printers you can meet the requirements of your unique applications. Inventory control, flexibility and customization are now at your fingertips… (read more)



Custom Stretch & Tape

 Custom Stretch and Tape

 By utilizing custom stretch wrap, and/or tape you can help protect your products from being repalletized or otherwise altered. Custom wrap or tape provides a quick visual report of the condition of your pallet, and whether it has been re-wrapped after leaving your facility. See what else custom stretch and tape can do for you…(read more)