This week's Island Culture focus is on food. We would like to share a recipe for Banana Lumpia, a delicious dish with many varieties of toppings or dippings. Try our standard recipe and put your own twist on it! (read more)


Top 6 Destinations to Visit


Check out these 6 great destinations to visit while in Hawaii. These are educational, cultural and exciting must-sees! Some include beautiful scenery, others excellent hiking. All of them offer opportunities to learn about the history and culture of Hawaii...(read more)


History & Future of Parker Ranch

Parker Ranch

With the changing times, Parker Ranch has adapted and grown. Today it is home to professionals as well as Paniolos (Hawaii-style cowboys) who continue to strive for the betterment of their community...(read more)

The Ukulele is part of Hawaiian culture, but it actually originated in Portugal. Another large piece of Hawaiian culture is Ohana, a word that means family, or kin group. …(read more)